“Stream not found error” – Putlocker issue resolved

200 stream not found – Putlocker or Sockshare issue resolved.

I am posting after almost an year. Why now? Thought that this post would be useful for someone somewhere. For the past two days, I was getting this error “200 Stream not found” while trying to watch movies in sites like putlocker.com or sockshrare.com. After failed calls with my ISP and my Dell customer support (Who tried to charge me $249 for fixing the issue and I said no thanks), I finally got it resolved. For those who are not interested in reading the entire story, go to the last portion to find the resolution.

Putlocer videos not streaming

Here is the original issue. Till day before yesterday, I was a happy man watching movies / TV shows for free from sites like putlocker and Sockshare. But for the past two days there was some problem. When I click on any movie link, it opens up the player page. When I click the play button, it just shows me the loading circular animation forever. When I try to refresh the page, I get an error ” 200 Stream not found” followed by some long URL. I was surprised to note that this issue was not there in my other laptop which uses the same service provider. Thus began my quest for solving the mystery.

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Failed attempts to resolve the streaming issue

1. Tried a different browser. It didn’t work – so clearly not a browser issue.

2. Checked the flash version. Flash is latest, so not that either

3. Restarted the router – No luck.

4. Cleared the cache and browsing history – Nada.

5. I even went to the extent of thinking that my ISP is blocking the streaming service as I am watching too many movies – Yes that’s me for you.

6. Called Dell customer service- They said there are 4 issues in my computer including the streaming issue and they can fix it for $249. I said “No Thanks”


Eventhough Dell tried to steal my money, there was one important input which I got from there. They said there was a virus in my system called Sendori. So I went through the current tasks which are running and found that there is a task called Sendori which looked suspicious. On closer look, I found that there is a program installed in my system with the same name (which I had no clue how it got there). So I researched about it a little bit and found that it is actually an adware which will redirect your searches or website URLs. Suppose if you type some search term in our browser (not a complete URL)  in something, Sendori will take you directly to another site. This will happen occasionally only and hard to notice. So I guessed this software was redirecting my streaming URL and because of that the browser was getting “stream not found” error.

Uninstalling the Sendori virus

I tried to uninstall this directly from program files but it was not allowing me to do that. So I had to start the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete and then Task manager) and find the list of currently running programs (second tab). From there, I found Sendori and disabled it by right clicking the activity.  After that I was able to uninstall the program. and Voila, The sockshare and putlocker links again started working. I also noticed a big improvement in performance after uninstalling this virus.

In general, you might be facing the same issue because of some other adware which redirects your URL (Trust me, there are a bunch of them these days). They will not be detected by even the best antivirus program (I use malware bytes). So, scan for your taskmanger activities and see whether there is anything suspicious, disable it and open a new browser window to play the putlocker video. If it is working, then you have the culprit. So there it is, That is how you resolve the “Stream not found error” in putlocker or sockshare or any other video sites which gives you this problem. Hope this helped.