Gmail tips: Awesome Gmail trick that no one told you before.

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Gmail is an awesome internet tool. Anyone who uses gmail JUST to send and receive mails should be shot at sight because they are insulting the enormous potential of gmail. It is so flexible and full of features that you will never go to any other email provider once you see gmail’s full features.

I have been using gmail ever since Google launched it. My good friend Afzal send me an invite and those days invites were hard to come by. Years went by and Google continued to add piles of features one after the other.  But the feature which I am going to explain, surprised many of my friends and colleagues when I explained it. They didn’t know that they could do all these things with gmail. So without further delay, lets dive in to my favorite feature.

How to manage multiple gmail accounts?

Manage multiple gmail accounts? But why?

Some people have multiple Gmail accounts and they find it quite difficult to switch between them. Google solved part of this problem by the “Sign into another account” (under settings -> Switch account -> sign into another account) feature which they introduced some time back. But the problem with that is you have to do it each time you login to a new computer or each time you restart your system or if your session gets expired.

There is a better way of managing multiple gmail accounts.  Google calls it gmail delegation. It was created for top executives delegating the “reading your emails and responding to less important ones”  work to a secretary.  But a common man like you and me can also benefit from it.