Republic Wireless Number porting and more

This review is an extension of my earlier review about the best value mobile plan existing for US customers as of today. I want to talk more about a few other things I thought would be useful (like republic wireless number porting, customer service etc) Its been more than 2 weeks since I got the device. I am glad to report that I am still satisfied with the phone, the plan and overall call quality. If you haven’t seen, they have an awesome deal going on right now. They are offering a Google Chromecast absolutely free when you get any one of their plan ($5 also qualifies) with a MotoX $299 on Republic Wireless Unlimited 3G Plans. The promotion was only valid for a few days, so please double check the link above to see if they still have the promotion going on.

I have a few updates from my last time. In my last review, I mentioned about call quality getting affected when there is heavy internet usage. But that was the only time I felt it. I have a DSL connection and it is not as fast as the cable connections. Earlier my wireless router was placed in a corner and was not kept high enough. I change the position of the router and ever since, the reception and call quality became excellent.

Another downside I found about the device is about the storage. I got a device with 16 GB storage. There is no option to include a micro sd card to expand the storage. But I noticed that even after installing all my apps from my previous Galaxy S3 and Galaxy tablet, it still had 11 GB left. One of the main challenge I am facing is on how to load my big song list. I am experimenting with Google Music app and things seem to be working out well.

Yet another thing I found out about them was there were no customer service reps that I could speak to. All of their customer service is handled via internet and email. When I was trying to port the number of my S3 to Moto X, I faced a few challenges in locating the right link to initiate the transfer. If you want to transfer the old number like I did, make sure you check first using their “Number Check feature” from their main page. But in the end, I was able to find the link to initiate the transfer from a “Transfer” link in  My Account ==> My Phones ==> Available actions.

If you have any questions about the device or the plan, feel free to ask the question in the comment section below.

Moto X review. 1 Week review of Moto X

I switched my wireless to $25 unlimited talk text and data plan and I got a Moto X with the plan. I Paid $299 for the phone but got $20 referral discount and a free google chromecast ($35 value) along with it. This makes it a super value deal. I have been playing around with the Moto X for sometime now and I absolutely love it. I had a samsung galaxy S3 before I got the Moto X. The Moto X is several times faster than the S3 and has very less bloatware. In my experience so far, the apps that Motorolla pre installed in the phone are super useful. I know that 1 weeek is too early to post  a very detailed review. But here are some of the things that I loved about the phone.

1. Moto X Hands free control.

The voice commands has improved leaps and bounds from the S3 era. The voice commands are processed faster and has very less error. I have a slang but still the Moto X was able to detect about 99% of the commands I did. I went through the official Moto X voice command list . But I soon discovered that we can really extend these commands. For example I had Google Music installed in my previous phone. I used the same gmail account to login to the new one and the phone automatically downloaded all the compatible apps to the new device from my old S3. Along with that the Google Music also got installed. I wanted to try out Google Music with the voice command, so I said “Ok Google Now, Play Google Music”. What happened next surprised me. Google music randomly created a playlist based on my previous use and started playing them one by one. And I have to say that all the songs which they predicted were much to my liking. I am still experimenting with it for setting reminders, setting alarms, adding calendar events, opening Pandora etc.

2. Moto X Design

I got a white version which is non customized. I like the ergonomic design and it feels a good fit in my hand. I can easily reach the four corners when held with one hand which makes it super easy while navigating webpages. The pattern on the back side and the small dip on the back makes it classy in my opinion. It does not feel cheap at all.


3. No bloatware

There are some apps which comes pre installed with the device but unlike Samsung which fills the new device with garbage apps, this one had very useful ones. I found the Motorola migrate, Connect and similar apps very useful. I have to admit that this is the first time I am using any pre installed apps.


4. Battery life

So far the battery life has been decent. Since I just got the phone I have been using it heavily. Even then, it comfortably lasts for a whole day. I haven’t put it yet on battery savings. One huge advantage of this device is that the builders took preserving battery as one of their main objectives while designing the product. That is why they have a separate processor for voice command accelerometer and several other less used features.

Not a major point but still worth mentioning is the way in which we can see the time when you just tilt the device. In my Galaxy S3, I had to push the power button to know the time. But if you just pick up the Moto X when it is in sleep mode, a small black and white display appears showing the time. I just have to move it a bit to activate it. This will also be instrumental in saving the battery live.


I have a few concerns that i found but they are minor ones.

I am used to navigating with S3, so the absense of the menu button is something I have to deal with. At times, I will be searching for the menu button to bring in some additional options while navigating through an app. So I have to tell myself that this is a different device and sure enough the same options will be available as a different gesture/inbuilt menu option.

Stay tuned for more reviews on the device and some accessory recommendations.