Zillow to google sheets. How to get data from Zillow to google sheets

Data from zillow.com can be referenced from Google sheets using some inbuilt functions that Google sheets provide. We will be using two functions for this.

  1. importxml()
  2. index

The importxml will import all elements which are matched in the xpath query. In the example below, we are asking google sheets to get the contents of elements with class value ‘zest-value’. Now this query alone will return two results. We need only the first one. That is why we use the index function and specify the “1” in the end. So the whole formula will look something like this.

=index(importxml(<insert the zillow link here>,“//*[@class=’zest-value’]”),1)

Here is an example.


Youtube link showing copy of data from zillow to google sheets

Redfin to google sheets data copy

I tried to copy from Redfin to googlesheets using the same technique after making changes as per the sites source listing. But didn’t have much luck there. If you guys figure out how to do that, please share the same in the comments section.

How to manage multiple gmail accounts?

Manage multiple gmail accounts? But why?

Some people have multiple Gmail accounts and they find it quite difficult to switch between them. Google solved part of this problem by the “Sign into another account” (under settings -> Switch account -> sign into another account) feature which they introduced some time back. But the problem with that is you have to do it each time you login to a new computer or each time you restart your system or if your session gets expired.

There is a better way of managing multiple gmail accounts.  Google calls it gmail delegation. It was created for top executives delegating the “reading your emails and responding to less important ones”  work to a secretary.  But a common man like you and me can also benefit from it.