Republic Wireless Number porting and more

This review is an extension of my earlier review about the best value mobile plan existing for US customers as of today. I want to talk more about a few other things I thought would be useful (like republic wireless number porting, customer service etc) Its been more than 2 weeks since I got the device. I am glad to report that I am still satisfied with the phone, the plan and overall call quality. If you haven’t seen, they have an awesome deal going on right now. They are offering a Google Chromecast absolutely free when you get any one of their plan ($5 also qualifies) with a MotoX $299 on Republic Wireless Unlimited 3G Plans. The promotion was only valid for a few days, so please double check the link above to see if they still have the promotion going on.

I have a few updates from my last time. In my last review, I mentioned about call quality getting affected when there is heavy internet usage. But that was the only time I felt it. I have a DSL connection and it is not as fast as the cable connections. Earlier my wireless router was placed in a corner and was not kept high enough. I change the position of the router and ever since, the reception and call quality became excellent.

Another downside I found about the device is about the storage. I got a device with 16 GB storage. There is no option to include a micro sd card to expand the storage. But I noticed that even after installing all my apps from my previous Galaxy S3 and Galaxy tablet, it still had 11 GB left. One of the main challenge I am facing is on how to load my big song list. I am experimenting with Google Music app and things seem to be working out well.

Yet another thing I found out about them was there were no customer service reps that I could speak to. All of their customer service is handled via internet and email. When I was trying to port the number of my S3 to Moto X, I faced a few challenges in locating the right link to initiate the transfer. If you want to transfer the old number like I did, make sure you check first using their “Number Check feature” from their main page. But in the end, I was able to find the link to initiate the transfer from a “Transfer” link in  My Account ==> My Phones ==> Available actions.

If you have any questions about the device or the plan, feel free to ask the question in the comment section below.